One Eight Distilling – District Made

Ivy City, DC

"When a passion project becomes a business"

When we first met with One Eight Distilling, the critics and trade both agreed: they make great liquid. But it was time for them to grow; their passion project had transformed into a budding business. Thinking strategically on how to achieve long-term success, the One Eight team brought Thoroughbred in to help expand their distillery, product offerings, and reach.

Thoroughbred worked on the product lines by helping develop the District Made brand. A stunning package design built around the sense of place in Ivy City, D.C., features an illustrated, gold foil map of the area exposed through a die-cut in the center of the front label on a fully custom glass bottle. The Thoroughbred design team pulled inspiration from the columns of famous monuments and architecture throughout Washington D.C. to dream up an octagonal bottle with a thick base and the D.C. flag embossed on the sides. 


Nonetheless, packaging design was only one piece of the puzzle. The Thoroughbred team also helped to complete the engineering and expansion of the distillery space, define and polish a new sales and marketing strategy, maximize profits and implement best practices in the tasting room, and expand distribution to the Washington D.C., New Jersey, New York, and Virginia markets. What exists today is a strong brand with a purpose and a clear vision for the future.

“The Thoroughbred team bring a diverse and accomplished range of skills to the table and have really elevated our game. Not to mention they are a class-act and a pleasure to work with.”

Sandy Wood, CEO and Co-founder, One Eight Distilling

Ivy City, DC

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