Wayne Gretzky Distillery


"From Grape to Grain"

With more than a dozen brands under its umbrella and shares listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, Andrew Peller Limited is the largest wine company in Canada. But when the organization decided to move into spirits, it approached Thoroughbred Spirits Group for its expertise in building distilleries and spirits brands. Peller has worked for years with hockey legend Wayne Gretzky's wineries in Ontario and British Columbia and wanted to create a new Canadian Whisky with The Great One but needed a plan. "The hardest thing for them was how do you transition your business?" says Thoroughbred founder Scott Schiller. "Wine is alcohol, but it's wildly different from whiskey."

“At every stage, the team has provided first-class advice in a timely manner. We could not have done this project without them."
Greg Berti, Vice-President, Wayne Gretzky Winery and Distillery

Thoroughbred came on board at the very beginning, creating a full financial plan to convince the Andrew Peller board to invest in distilling, selecting a site and building a distillery, creating formulas for the whiskey, designing labels and putting together a full go-to-market strategy, including educating and training their 60-person sales team. In the fall of 2016, Wayne Gretzky Whisky, distilled from a unique recipe and finished in Canadian red wine and ice wine casks, will hit the market in its home country. And as it expands into the US, Thoroughbred will stay on board to manage sales and marketing Stateside.


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