“Anyone thinking about either entering into or growing in the distilled spirits category can benefit from the expertise that Thoroughbred Spirits Group brings to the picture. They’ve helped us grow into a real business.”

Lance Winters, Owner/Master Distiller, St. George Spirits

“Scott and the TBSG have been our expert, project manager, idea generator, executioner, and friend from commencement.  TBSG has brought a level of professionalism and industry knowledge that has absolutely integral to our project.”

Marty Goulet, Owner, Cantilever Distillery Co.

“Few people in the craft spirits industry are better suited to guide a young brand that Scott and his team.  Sonoma Distilling Company has been working closely with Thoroughbred for the last couple of years and there is no question that we are better off, because of it.”

Adam Spiegel, Owner and Whiskeymaker

“As the principals of a growing craft distillery, we often have to wear multiple hats throughout the week; working in production, sales, marketing, and distribution. Thoroughbred Spirits Group has helped us with all of these and more. While we were already an established company when we met, our work with Thoroughbred has helped us adapt and grow to the next level.”

Todd Paul, Owner, F.E.W. Spirits

“We started working with Thoroughbred at the very beginning with both the strategic and financial plan development. We have continued throughout the whole development of the distillery including equipment design, product development, packaging, sales and marketing plans, etc. At every stage, the team has provided first-class advice in a timely manner. We could not have done this project without them.”

Greg Berti, Vice-President, Wayne Gretzky Winery and Distillery

“The Thoroughbred team bring a diverse and accomplished range of skills to the table and have really elevated our game. Not to mention they are a class-act and a pleasure to work with.”

Sandy Wood, CEO and Co-founder, One Eight Distilling

“Scott Schiller and Thoroughbred Spirits Group are great! They have been fantastic to work with, have provided us excellent advice, haven’t steered us wrong, and our branding is gorgeous! We LOVE our labels! We have been truly blessed to have the opportunity to hire Scott and Thoroughbred to advise us on our Distilled Spirits Adventure!”

Joyce Nethery, Founder, Jeptha Creed Distillery

“Hiring Scott and the TBSG team was one of the best decisions we made. They helped set the foundation of our business up for success by providing critical financial advice and offering us and our investors confidence and expertise. Honestly, we don’t make a major decision involving finances or business strategy without running it by the team at TBSG.”

Pia Carusone, Founder, Republic Restoratives Distillery

“We are sooooo lucky to have met Scott and the Thoroughbred Spirits team. We began this journey of wanting to get into craft spirits as motivated people but needing to learn the business. Thoroughbred has been superb in every aspect of getting us going. When we have questions, we can always get an answer we can trust. Thoroughbred Spirits Group has saved us way more than the consulting fees. We recommend them without hesitation.”

Kevin Keck, President, JJ Pfister Distilling Company

“Thoroughbred Spirits Group has been an invaluable partner in helping us grow our company from start-up mode, to becoming a regional player in the spirits industry. Through their analysis of our strengths and weaknesses, we have been able to improve ourselves and strengthen our brand. The team couldn’t be nicer or more knowledgeable and professional, and we feel we have real partners in achieving our success.”

Scott Harris, Founder, Catoctin Creek

“The folks at Thoroughbred Spirits Group are professional and knowledgeable. They were truly devoted to our project and made us feel as if we were their only client. I would highly recommend their services.”

Brian Treacy, President, Sagamore Spirits

“Thoroughbred was instrumental in helping us design and lay out our distillery to maximize efficiency and get us off on the right foot from the beginning. They saved us countless dollars and hours by making sure we did things right the first time. They continue to be a critical resource for us as our business grows and we expand into new markets and offerings.”

Jon Kreidler, Owner, Tattersall Distilling

“We started our company without any industry experience and a limited understanding of what it takes to develop and bring a product to market. Teaming up with Thoroughbred Spirits Group has allowed us to have access to a team of experienced professionals capable of helping us navigate the complicated and, at times, frustrating landscape of the alcoholic beverage industry. Additionally, Thoroughbred has displayed a remarkable ability to connect with and understand the needs of spirit startups like our own. This combination of experience and empathy has made Thoroughbred a truly indispensable asset to our company and we would not be where we are today without them.“

Zachary Baeker, Chief Operating Officer, AmBrabev, LLC

“Thoroughbred has top notch industry knowledge and has given our team truthful and invaluable feedback for every step of the process. We were blown away by the beautiful branding that they designed for us. Truly a stellar group of professionals!”

Keith McConnell, Founder, Renovare Distillery

“Thoroughbred Spirits Group provided professional, timely and very valuable services to Spring44. We felt confident and informed in making our business decisions. We highly recommend them to anyone in the distilling industry.”

Jeff Lindauer, CEO, Spring 44 -Robin Marisco, CFO, Spring 44

“Our entry into the spirits industry was filled with confusion, regulation, and what seemed like insurmountable obstacles. Thoroughbred Spirits Group has not only help our new craft distillery navigate the path to a successful product, they helped us understand the industry. Along the way we learned valuable lessons about what “Hospitality” means in the hospitality industry.”

Allen Jarosz, Owner/Master Distiller, Artisan Grain Distillery

“Thoroughbred was collaborative and truly has a finger on the pulse of the spirits world. Scott & David provided us with valuable insights into the craft spirits category, but more importantly, they asked the right questions. This shortened our learning curve and helped us clarify what we had to offer to the marketplace that would set us apart.”

Lisa Ehrlich, EVP of Branding & Innovation, Graton Distilling Company

“We’ve been working with TBSG for over two years, and their expertise in market planning, activation and execution has not only helped ensure a successful introduction of a new brand in our market, but it has also strengthened our relationship with the brand owners. We’re incredibly pleased with the brand development support offered by TBSG and would recommend them without hesitation.”

Michael Vachon, Head of Brand Development, Maverick Drinks

“Thoroughbred Spirits Group has developed an extremely innovative platform that incubates ground breaking craft spirits brands. Their team is a pleasure to work with; they operate with integrity and have earned a well-deserved excellent reputation in the beverage industry.”

Josh Wand, Founder & Motivator in Chief, BevForce

“Thoroughbred played a key role in helping us develop our product portfolio and brand strategies. They also helped us build an in-depth financial model that assisted us in raising our first round of equity capital. We highly recommend Scott & Amanda Schiller and their firm, Thoroughbred Spirits Group.”

Steve Gertman, President, Ascendant Spirits Inc.

“Our company relies on Thoroughbred to give us all the expertise we need to know about the liquor business. They have helped us out through the entire process; from product creation, marketing to product placement. They know the details that allow somebody outside the industry to quickly get up and running.”

Isaac Lapciuc, Owner, PaulDan Beverages

“If you need an industry expert to mentor or advise your company I highly recommend Scott Schiller and his team at Thoroughbred Spirits Group. They take the time to care not only about your correct course of actions, but also about the individuals within your company. TBSG has already built expertise and connections within the industry saving you invaluable time and mistakes. Having your best interest at heart and giving usable feedback are just a few skills they have perfected. The level of integrity TBSG has is apparent from your first contact. You can trust in them and in any connections they may guide you to. Scott and Amanda Schiller have the personality and people skills to deliver and disseminate any news (good, bad and ugly) in a personal and caring manner. They will become your cheerleader, your conscious and your adviser. Best of all, TBSG will help keep you on the path to achieve your end goals. At the end of your project, you will not only be highly satisfied by the work you receive but you also will have gained true friends in Scott and Amanda Schiller.”

Leigh Ann Rodriguez, President, Smartini LLC

“Thoroughbred’s team have met or exceeded expectations in every area! The financials were out of this world incredible. My accountant said you have things in there he didn’t even know existed or hadn’t thought of.”

Paul Shelton, CEO, Farm Bell Distillery, Inc.

“Scott Schiller and Thoroughbred Spirits have been absolutely terrific and indispensable in the formation and growth of our brand. Starting a brand from scratch is a very difficult endeavor with a great deal of moving pieces. Scott and TBS helped us setup and source our entire supply chain and provided priceless advice on our brand and manufacturing process. Once we were up and running, there were a number of verticals such as sales, marketing, cost reduction and expansion that we had to manage, and Scott was able to provide first class advice in all verticals, even those we had overlooked. Most importantly, as fantastic as TBS has been in helping setup, manage, and grow our business, Scott is an even better person and an absolute pleasure to do business with. I would highly recommend TBS to anyone who is looking to enter into the spirits business.”

Kevin Rogus, Partner & CFO, Windy Hill Spirits, LLC

“The best part about working with Thoroughbred Spirits is working with Scott Schiller. His knowledge and experience are vast; it’s invaluable to have someone so seasoned and informed as an ally. Beyond his professional capabilities, Scott is a straightforward, kind, and fun person to work with. His warm and caring demeanor make business a pleasure.”

Alan Brown, President, Paradise Cove Beverages LLC

“Thoroughbred’s staff is grounded in and has deep knowledge of the beverage industry. My coming from outside the industry, they were instrumental in fleshing out our distilled spirits specialty concept and moving us from conceptualization to product development and to prototypes and pre-production.”

Tom Chin, Founder, Sedge Hill Spirits

“Be honest with Thoroughbred, show them your excitement and let them guide your company from start to finish.”

Mark Fiorito, President, Pullitsir Spirits

“It was a pleasure and a privilege to work with Scott Schiller. I really appreciated his thorough, thoughtful, and ethical approach and his deep commitment to building brands with integrity. Scott took great care to understand what I was trying to achieve before offering any advice and this clearly differentiates TBSG from others who may offer standardized, cookie-cutter deliverables or products. I would work with them again a heartbeat.”

Dr. Christine Madsen, Owner, Horse Hill