About Us

Why are we called Thoroughbred?
Turns out great brands and great horses have a lot in common. They both need proper upbringing, a lot of attention and care. And just like a successful horse, when a brand breaks out from the pack, its owners win big.

Guiding Entrepreneurs to Success

Most people are overwhelmed when starting and growing a distillery or brand because the spirits business is very nuanced, competitive, and risky – not to mention, extremely capital intensive. With such a high chance of failure, you need an objective and trusted partner who is on your side to help you personally and professionally in making smart decisions.

The Thoroughbred team helps entrepreneurs put all of the pieces together to achieve success – however you choose to define it. Our team brings the specific skillsets entrepreneurs need to achieve the reward and recognition that comes from owning and building a profitable spirits brand.


Our Purpose

Growth & Achievement:

Our goal is to be crucial contributors to an individual’s and an organization’s success

Our Business Philosophy

Professionalism & Grace:

Doing business the right way, with good people, in good faith

Our Focus

Spirits only:

We offer expert knowledge in every facet of the spirits industry

Our Team