About Us

Why are we called Thoroughbred?
Turns out great brands and great horses have a lot in common. They both need proper upbringing, a lot of attention and care. And just like a successful horse, when a brand breaks out from the pack, its owners win big.

Thoroughbred is a group of spirits industry experts dedicated entirely to helping new, regional, and national spirits companies.  We can help develop your vision into a legacy company, and catapult you, your business, as well as your brand to the next level.  Collaboratively, we will determine the way forward by designing a custom, long-view plan. Whether you bring us on board for a single short-term project or a long-term partnership, we are committed to helping you succeed at every step along the way.

Our Purpose

Growth & Achievement:

Our goal is to be crucial contributors to an individual’s and an organization’s success.

Our Business Philosophy

Professionalism & Grace:

We want to do good business, with good people, in good faith.

Our Focus

Spirits only:

Offer expert knowledge in every facet of the spirits industry.

Our Team