What we do

Honest insight to help make tough decisions.

Craft distilleries, while based in a love of spirit and tradition, are a business nonetheless – and we’re here to help you be successful. Thoroughbred has extensive experience helping businesses in every part of spirits production, distribution, marketing and sales.



We’ll help you make the toughest decision. We will guide your vision by refining your concept to produce detailed financial business plans, leaving us at a place to have an honest and frank conversation with each other about the validity of the concept and the risks.


Branding and Design

Experienced in all aspects of branding and packaging, we’ll help define and refine your brand, creating an overall brand identity, logo, packaging and more that fit your vision perfectly and have great consumer appeal.


Product Development

From selecting the perfect mashbill to sourcing ingredients and barrels, to consumer testing, we’ll help you create a product that matches your target customer and stands apart from the pack.


Distillery Planning

We’ll help build your distillery from the ground up, including site selection, planning, layout and sourcing of equipment.


Distribution and Sales Management

Using our deep connections with wholesalers and retailers, we’ll help your product get to market in the most successful way, including distribution, refining pricing and roll-out strategies, and even hiring and training key personnel.



We’ll help you develop a marketing plan to build consumer awareness, inspiring brand loyalty that turns initial trial into repeat purchases. We’re skilled at integrating traditional and digital marketing elements to develop the right plan for your brand or portfolio of brands. We can help you build or improve your website and social media platforms, as well as create compelling content that speaks to your consumers.


General Strategy

From top to bottom, we’ll provide ongoing advice and involvement to help manage your business and all the opportunities and challenges that arise.